Monday, May 3, 2010

Brook Version 3.0

Quote of the Blog:

Turns out that Poutine (the famous Quebec dish) sounds a lot like another French word that has a very different meaning.


Yesterday was my birthday. People have been asking me how I feel about turning 30 – and honestly, I feel great. I refer to it as the “Release of Brook Version 3.0.” A new and improved upgraded model, now available! Thirty and I are friends. This year has been great so far and I hvae no reason to think the rest will be any different. I’ve already dubbed this year the “Year of Epiphanies.” I've had so many and really do feel like a new and improved Brook Version 3.0 (not that I thought the 2.9 version of me was all that bad).

To celebrate the big 3.0 four friends, Amanda, May, Gaby, Alicia and I took a roadtrip to Montreal. It’s only a 6.5 hour drive from NYC. The drive is nice; the freeway is lined on both sides with verdant grass and trees. We would have arrived in Montreal earlier if a traveling carnival hadn’t lured us in with its lights glowing in the gloaming. I knew I was in like company when we all saw the ferris wheel and everyone yelled, "We have to go!" We went on the Ferris Wheel and the Cliff Hanger.

The Ferris Wheel was fun and not so scary. I wish I could have said the same for the flying ride:

Gaby has taken to the maxim of doing something that scares her every day. And considering the Cliff Hanger creaked like a whirling banshee - making it easy to imagine the beds detaching at any time and flying through the ether - I say mission accomplished. I held my camera on the ride and took some random snaps over my shoulder. Some of them turned out.

I felt like 30 after we were done. We walked off like an inebriated lot - all except for Alicia who danced off towards the car and jumped off a few curbs with youthful heel clicks (she still has a few years until she reaches 30).

Montreal was very fun. The city has bike pick-up/drop-off stations are every few blocks. So we rented the bikes and explored the city. For lunch we hiked to the top of Mont Royal and ate bread and cheese and fruit. Then walked down the hill to and rented bikes and rode to Old Montreal. The architecture and layout of the city is lovely. We ate at a crepe place and wandered by the river.

The next morning I woke up to everyone singing Happy Birthday around my bed by singing and presenting me with a candle-topped-cupcake. What a great way to start the day! After breakfast we went to the Montreal Museum of Archaeology and History. We took a tour of the ruins under the museum - very fascinating. Ps. I was reminded again the influence that one person can have. The tour guide told us about a Native Chief (the name escapes me) whose charisma and influence helped something like 39 tribes agree to sign the Montreal Peace Treaty of 1701. After the museum we ate poutine (a Quebec dish of french fries, fresh cheese curd, and gravy) at Montreal Poutine. Then we headed back to the city.

We didn't stop at any carnivals on the way back but we did stop to eat cake. My coworker Talia surprised me on Friday with a delicious chocolate cake for the roadtrip. She said, "You have to have a cake on your birthday!" I have great friends, to be sure. The trip was a great way to kick-off Thirty. This weekend we're throwing the big b-day party. It's 70's-themed so get out your bell bottoms and platforms.


  1. What fun! It sounds like you had a super time! Yay, Brook 3.0. :D

  2. We watched "The Sandlot" last night with the kids. Your carnival pictures made me laugh thinking about those boys with the chewing tobacco...
    It looks like you had another amazing birthday Brook! Love you tons <3

  3. So great! Love the blog and the fun you had! Just know I was there in spirit!