Sunday, May 22, 2011

Judgment Day! Party Time!

Quote of the blog:

Text from Kayla to Brook. May 22nd, 2011 (one day after Judgment Day was predicted to happen):

Kayla: Looks like we're still here after the Rapture. I guess I'll see you at work tomorrow.
Brook: Sorry for the delayed response. It takes a while for texts to arrive from heaven.


We've been talking about the upcoming Judgment and the Rapture in the office for the last few weeks. We talked about the process of deciding on May 22nd as Judgment Day (I like to imagine there was an abacus involved), how the general public was reacting (not really), the posters (all over the subway), family radio (who knew there was such a following), and how and if Camping would respond Sunday (he hasn't yet). I found it all fascinating - unlike a lot of people, including Ty: "I find the whole thing quite boring."

There are just so many weird and intriguing aspects. Did you know that there are services where you can pay a company to rescue your pet after you've been Raptured? The company pays non-believers money to take care of the soulless animals left behind. I wonder how those interviews go and how one takes the implications of being hired: "Well, we figure you're going to be left behind you mind looking after Fido?"

I had read the news and seen the Judgment Day! posters on the subway but hadn't seen any actual Believers until Friday the 13th. And they were out in force.

It was Friday, I was leaving for Boston with friends in just a few hours, and my coworker Talia and I had just left Magnolia's bakery - where we had picked up some Banana Pudding. We laughed and chatted the whole time, I was in a great mood.

On our way back to the office we passed a group of 15 or so people. They were clad in green shirts that read "Judgment Day! May 21st!" and held signs proclaiming the end of the world. Well, remember in Wayne's World how they say, "Party Time! Excellent!" Keep that tone and inflection in mind for the next bit. As we walked passed the group of people I thought, in the Wayne's World inflection and enthusiasm, "Judgment Daaaay! Party Tiiiiime!" It was about halfway through - when some of the group turned - that I realized I was using my outside voice (and not the library outside voice variety). I thought Talia was going to die - but wasn't sure if embarrassment or amusement would be the primary cause. She looked shocked but was laughing. She couldn't believe I had said it -and I couldn't either!

It was a catch phrase in the office all last week and I think I blushed every time.
As the predicted Judgment Day approached, I knew one thing for certain, after that experience I'd be a prime hire for that post-rapture pet-rescue company.

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