Sunday, January 30, 2011

Do You Smell Pizza?

Quote of the blog:

Justin: “Why do my post-it notes smell like industrial poison?”


One morning, when I was working as a college advisor, I smelled pizza in my office, but I didn't have any pizza in my office. I looked through my doorway into the assistant’s office (our doors and office windows faced each other). I didn’t see any pizza there either, but asked one of them, “Hey Matthew, do you guys smell pizza?” They sniffed. “Nope.” And then the smell was gone.

Later, I was in my co-worker’s office. We had been talking for twenty minutes when I smelled pizza again, for just a moment. “Cindy, do you smell pizza?” She sniffed. “No.” I knew I smelled pizza but no one else could. I was so confused.

A few hours later a new shift of office assistants were working. I caught the smell again. I asked, “Shannon, do you smell pizza?” She stopped and smelled. “Nope.”

I felt like I was going crazy. I kept typing and then smelled it again - but just for a moment! What could I be smelling? And then, as I answered my question, I felt my cheeks turn hot and red with realization. I had spent the night at my parent’s house and had woken up feeling a bit dizzy. Just as I was leaving I told my mom who brought out her essential oils. “Here,” she said, offering me a small bottle with a green label. “Put this on your tummy, it will help with the dizziness.” I obeyed and glanced at the label before dashing out the door to work. The label read BASIL. All day I kept thinking someone was eating pizza somewhere but I was actually catching a whiff of my basily smelling self!

Needless to say, I didn’t ask anyone the rest of the day if they smelled pizza. I was so glad no one could answer "Yes" or that had tried to help me investigate the mysterious smell!


  1. Hahahahahaaa, I've used the Basil and husband didn't mind the pizza smell :)

  2. Yeah, sometimes the essential oils can be a bit overwhelming...especially garlic!

  3. GAhaha! Brook! You are my new favorite! I love love love your posts!